We Pay The Deductible


Regardless how severely your vehicle may have been vandalized or damaged while driving, we are dedicated to fixing the issue on site for you. But here is how we do more than other glass repair companies in this region. At Auto Glass Toronto, we will first inspect the damage to the vehicle, then either advise you of how to proceed with your insurance company or we will call them and deal with them on your behalf.

We go above and beyond when it comes to insurance claims by offering our one of a kind “We Pay the Deductible” promise. We will inform you of the costs involved and let you decide if you want to save money and headaches by letting us do the work, or we will help you deal with your insurance company too. Our commitment to low prices, high quality of service, and our promise to pay the deductible, are simply aspects of our company that can not be matched by the competition.  

At Auto Glass Toronto, we will work tirelessly to get the insurance company to cover all costs, regardless how severe the damage may be. We will work on your behalf so that you are not stressed with having to deal with an insurance adjuster during this process. If the damage is minimal, we can make the repair at your location the same day. Our mobile experts might determine the damage is too severe, at that point they will make arrangements to have the vehicle towed to our shop at no additional cost to you.

If we can not make those repairs that day, you get a free rental car until the work has been completed. That is our commitment to excellence. We will pick-up your vehicle and bring it to our shop free of charge, if your vehicle is deemed unsafe to drive. We will contact your insurance company and deal with the directly, providing you with a hassle free experience. If the work on your vehicle turns out to be longer than one day, we will give you a FREE Rental Car.

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