Auto Glass Windshield Replacement

Depending how severe the chip or crack to the windshield, most of the time we can successfully make that repair in a timely manner. This is great news for customers who do not want to pay for a full replacement at the sign of a crack in the glass. If you ignore the damage for too long, it can easily spread across the windshield, resulting in a replacement rather than a repair.

If you leave the glass untreated, the spread of the crack can happen quickly. if you have several cracks already larger than the size of a dollar bill, the damage has already gone beyond the point of a simple repair. These cracks will become too long and block the vision of the driver before long.
Damage to the windshield along the edges will spread more quickly than in other locations. Any repairs made in the drivers field of vision could impair the view because of the distortion to the glass.

We stand far ahead of the competition in the glass repair and replacement industry because of our dedication to customer service and our “We Pay the Deductible” insurance benefits. If you have any type of damage to the glass in your vehicle, let our mobile team come out and inspect the damage for you today.

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